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Novaflex US, The Novaflex Group, Polar Railflex, Triple Lock, U-Lok, Z-Flex, Uni-Chem, Z-Vent, ZQuote, Platinum.PVC is not allowed but using metal vent pipe with a fan inline to assist with getting the flue gasses is okay. (Category III.

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Category III Appliances in residential use most often are. heaters and furnaces that use plastic vent pipes.

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Economical venting of Category II, III and IV condensing and non-condensing heating. direct vent pipe.Back to Basics: Venting for Gas-Fired Boilers. A Category III vent system maintains flue gas.

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III vent pipe (a specific brand of Category III vent pipe). 3. Venter (Flue) Outlet Diameter TABLE 3.

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Economical venting of Category II, III and IV. used as a direct vent system for Category II, III and IV. used with direct vent pipe.

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Common Venting of Gas Appliances. does not exert positive pressure into the flue pipe. DO NOT VENT ANY OF THESE FURNACES USING CATEGORY III VENTING.

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The Category I or III exhaust vent termination cap must have at least 3 ft. minimum. CATEGORY III METAL VENT.Category II, III, or IV appliances or downwards for Category III or IV appliances). vent pipe only.

When using single wall vent pipe, one O-ring should be inserted in each of the pipe openings in the Air.

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I have a Category II appliance and cannot find anyone who makes a listed Category II Vent System.

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Is it okay to use Category IV Single Wall Vent with a condensate.Category III Appliances are non-condensing and operate with a.

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Vent Connector The pipe or duct which connects. venting system for a listed Category II, III,.

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Non-Traditional Gas Appliance Venting. pressure and can use plastic pipe as the vent. Figure 3.

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Category III, being a gas appliance that operates with a positive vent (fan forced vent).