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The food chain in the Arctic Tundra consists of predators such as owls,. and polar bears at the top of the chain.

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Although that much is known, the details of how mercury moves through different food webs -- particularly in the Arctic, where snow and ice contribute to mercury deposition -- are not well understood.To intertwine scientific knowledge and practices and to empower students to learn through exploration, it is essential for.

Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers in the Forest Community. Green plants make their food by taking sunlight and using the.Plants are at the beginning of every food chain that involves the Sun. Humans and bears are considered omnivores:.Although cuddly, polar bears are fierce predators, as we will learn in their food chain.A grizzly bear eats salmon,berries,elk,and clovers.(Those are the main things that they eat)The grizzly bears eat both salmon,elk,clovers,and berries.Since the bears eat both animals and plants that makes them omnivores.(omnivores are organisms that eat both plants and animals) A grizzly bear eating berries.

This is called a food web. ears like to eat many of the foods you eat. Fruit,. bears are the end of the food chain.

Polar bears are at the top of the food chain in the Arctic, and are therefore the ones that are in the most danger of becoming extinct.MALAYAN SUN BEAR AN ENDANGERED SPECIES. may be threatened by pollutants in the food chain and proposed oil development in denning areas.Although the Sun Bear is a shy animal, the adults can get fierce if attacked and they have strong jaws, paws, and big teeth.

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Bear A large mammal that. the take home lesson is that the total mass of organisms in each layer of a food chain gets.If climate change causes sea ice to melt, the ice algae population drops, creating a cascading effect that reduces the polar bear population.

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The polar bear is a heterotroph meaning that it cannot synthesize its own food and eats other organisms.

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Because of the decrease in algae and plankton, the next organisms on the polar bear food chain will have less to eat: shrimp, krill, then arctic cod (fish), then the.

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Black Bears are the consumers of fish and elk,they eat salmon and other types of fish.Elk and deer are also something they eat. of algae. Black bears are omnivores,witch means they eat meat and plants.Their diet consists of elk,fish,berries,and other plants.

Polar bears are excellent swimmers and have thick layers of fat and fur to keep them warm in sub-zero climates.A food chain is the sequence of who eats whom in a biological community.

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They maintain the balance of nature, by preventing an overpopulation of seals.

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This game can also be used to demonstrate the different levels of a food chain.

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Thus the living part of a food chain always starts with plant life and ends with an animal.

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Food Habits of Grizzly Bears and Black Bears in the Yellowstone Ecoystem. Grizzly bear food habits are influenced by annual and seasonal variation in available foods.