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Removing read-only permissions on a file or folder on your Windows 8.1 computer is a two-stage process.Hello, I am trying to search for all Explorer files that have the read-only attribute set.

Read returns 0 only when there is no more data in the stream and no more is expected (such as a closed socket or end of file).

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In this article, I will show one method to read Excel file contents with.NET.For a folder, it means all files in the folder are set to be not read-only when.

In some cases, you may have difficulty deleting a file from your PC or Mac because the file is classified as Read Only.In this case, read-only means that the file can be only opened or read.

I am the administrator. And...

I need to remove read-only attributes of all files under a directory.

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Read-only is a file attribute, or a characteristic that the operating system assigns to a file.The following code snippet returns true if a file is read only.

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Below is the method that I have written for reading from a text file.

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